AerCool, the Aer Lingus Cool Chain offering, is the transportation of Temperature controlled Sensitive freight using specialized air cargo temperature controlled containers with active and passive temperature solutions. Aer Cool offers a seamless chain for the carriage of pharmaceutical and perishable commodities. The key components of the AerCool service are:

  • core competencies of the Aer Lingus and subcontracted handling company staff involved in the delivery of the AerCool service
  • standard Operating Procedures that parallel those of the Manufacturer and Logistics provider
  • temperature controlled storage/fall-back facilities at all transit points
  • active temperature controlled ULDs including CSafe and Envirotainer units
  • temperature, environment and location logging devices

AerCool Active

Active transport offered by AerCool enables an unbroken cool chain for temperature sensitive cargo from the facility of origin through all the steps of air transport up to delivery at the consignee. Active consignments are shipped in refrigerated containers (electric compressor or dry-ice).
Aer Lingus cargo offers a complete range of containers suitable for a wide range of products. This product is available on all our Long haul services.
AerCool can provide CSafe™ and Envirotainer™ active containers. Click here for more information on active unit load devices (ULD’s).

AerCool Passive

Passive transport is designed to support the specific needs of the movement of temperature-sensitive products in 'passive' packaging solutions appropriate for the time in transit and ambient conditions to be encountered in all phases of the journey. AerCool delivers a range of processes to ensure that passively packaged cargo is handled under conditions which will not compromise the ability of the packaging to safeguard the product within.