Aerspeed is a next-flight express service available at selected airports. It features priority access for shipments booked more than four hours in advance via selected airports. Use it for your most urgent, last minute, or critical shipments for an unmatched level of flexibility, precision and the personalised service that only Aer Lingus Cargo can offer. Please contact cargo reservations for more details.

Product features include:

  • Highest boarding priority
  • Guaranteed priority availability even on sold-out flights
  • Fly-as-booked priority 1
  • Minimum acceptance of 2 hours before scheduled time of departure (STD) on European flights and 3 hours on Trans Atlantic flights2,3 4
  • Minimum booking of 5 hours before scheduled time of departure (STD)
  • Minimum transfer of 4 hours at DUB
  • Online tracking
  • Maximum weight per piece may apply
  • Pieces must fit into an AKH container (European flights only)
  • Dangerous goods, live animals, and valuables not accepted
  • Available for airport-to-airport service only  

1. Fly-as-booked prioirty does not apply in the event of disruptions outside Aer Lingus control, including, but not limited to weather delays, ATC delays, improper shipment packaging, and insufficient documentation. Inclusive of all surcharges.
2. Shipments must be in the possession of Aer Lingus Cargo no later than 2 hours before STD. Fly-as-booked guarantee does not apply if freight cannot be unloaded from delivery vehicle before the 2 hour cut off.  Longer restrictions may apply to larger loads
3. Maximum aerspeed product per flight may apply.
4. Minimum acceptance time is 2.5 hours at MXP and LIN.