Aer Lingus Cargo undertakes transportation of live animals (cats and dogs) on US and selected European flights and is fully compliant with the regulations set by IATA, ensuring that all live animals are supervised for safety, comfort and hygiene. 

Pets, if accepted, will be carried in the aircraft hold. Pets are not permitted to travel on board the cabins of Aer Lingus aircraft.   The carriage of pets is subject to restrictions based on other goods on the same flights and this can only be confirmed at the time of booking.

If you are travelling on the same flight as your pet to North America, please book your pet’s journey with Aer Lingus Passenger Reservations, who will make the necessary arrangements.


If you are travelling from North America, or flying between Ireland and Europe, or if you are not travelling on the same flight as your pet, please be advised that these pet shipment bookings will only be accepted through a Freight Forwarding Agent. If travelling from North America or Canada, please contact our Live Animal booking team at 1-(888) 578-4806 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  If travelling in Europe please click here for contact details for the approved Freight Forwarding Agents and General Sales Agents to assist or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

Before acceptance of live animals for carriage, Aer Lingus Cargo requires that the shipper and consignee be aware of the documentation required to ensure that the requirements of local and international regulatory authorities are met. Details of the regulatory requirements are available on the following website:

Pets are accepted on flights between Dublin Ireland and North America (except San Francisco), as well as between Ireland and the following European countries and only on specific flights.

  • Spain 
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • Denmark
  • Hungary
  • Czech Republic
  • Austria
  • Poland
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Italy

Pets must be properly crated according to IATA Live Animals Regulations. Pets over 40 kg must be carried in strong wooden containers. See

For more detailed information please click here.

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